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Bingo Etiquette

You might ask yourself why is bingo such a popular game? The number one answer has to be because being social animals what better way to meet new friends, have a chat and of course win yourself a bit of extra dosh. Don't forget however that this popular bingo game might seem just a bit of fun but there are certain rules to abide by when you're out there with the professional players.

For all the beginners out there follow these hidden rules and you'll go far.

Starting from the beginning of your game whether you're in the middle of a conversation with your new found buddie , when it's 'heads down', STOP! It's now officialy time to hear only one voice, that of the caller.

Some folk have a really annoying habit of repeating numbers as they are called. This might help them concentrate, but it's terribly distracting for other players when they are trying to concentrate. So while the numbers are being called, SHHHHHHHHH!

As we know bingo is a family game for all ages and can be played at any time of the day which means the odds are you'll on occasions be accompanied by your kids. If they aren't playing themselves then a bingo hall can become a bit of a drag. A word of advice, dig into the bottom of your handbag (or pockets if your a man) and all that spare change will keep the young ones happy playing on the slot machines while you're busy winning at bingo.

Remember that bingo is supposed to be fun so if you're having a bad night don't take it out on the caller, they're just doing their job and next time you play you'll probably hit the jackpot.

If it is your lucky game and you're are confident that all your numbers have been called, don't hesitate. Make the 'bingo' call before another number is selected. Then the floor walker will be straight around to assist you.

The floor walker will call out the winning numbers for the caller to verify or will simply call out an identification number on the card, which the caller punches into a computer that automatically verifies the bingo. If there are any problems the bingo manager has the final say.

Bingo Tips

When playing bingo it's always wize to prepare yourself for the game. Many of us like to play with several card for each game. I have found it easier to keep control of the cards by placing a piece of cellotape under each card to stop them sliding around the table. You don't want to miss out on a number because you were picking up cards from the floor.

You must always stay alert when playing bingo either in a bingo hall or on the computer. I would strongly advise anyone wherther playing bingo or any other type of gambling for that matter to stay off the booze. Drinking alcohol can impair your judgment so take it easy.

Stick to the pattern. It can be tricky to keep up with the caller while remembering to check for the pattern. If it all gets a bit too much and you can't keep up let the caller know, there are probably other players thinking the same thing. It's your game and you paid for it.

Now that you know a little more about the game of bingo the last thing to do is to get out there and playit and enjoy it.

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